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Harry by Carpyen / 02 Aug 2010

Floor lamp designed for indoor and outdoor use. Also adapted for garden tables and terraces. Can be put directly into the ground or as auxiliary outdoor light. Equipped with 9 m of cable.

1x23 W max. (E-27 low energy)

Spike in stainless steel.
Lampshade: white polyethylene.
Foot base: titanium, white and orange.


Diva by Rotaliana / 12 May 2010

Diva is a LED light and music system specifically designed for your iPod or iPhone.

It combines multiple functions in one light, compact object, eliminating clutter and stealing the scene no matter where you place it.

The anodised, screen printed aluminium jacket makes Diva a mysterious musical instrument, only revealing its many functions when open. But even when closed, it's an FM radio and speaker system for a connected computer, MP3 or CD player. Insert your iPod or iPhone by releasing the retractable docking station drawer.

The sound quality is full and rich, thanks to the four, high quality speakers housed in its body. Pressing a button opens the die-cast aluminium lamp arm.

Spun by Magis / 11 May 2010

Thomas Heatherwick has produced a startling twist on conventional furniture design: a functional chair formed from a single profile rotated through 360 degrees. Aptly titled Spun, it transforms the domestic seat into a beautifully rendered spinning top. The appeal was to create a design using rotational symmetry while asking the simple question - could a functional chair be formed from a single profile rotated through 360 degrees. Spun displays Heatherwick's flair for challenging rules and teasingly plays with the notion of a static piece of sculpture becoming a playful piece of design. When upright Spun is a sculptural vessel and it is only when it is lent on its side that the playful possibilities of its form come to light, Spun allows the sitter to swivel in a circular rocking motion, including being able to rotate in a complete circle.

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