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Atollo Bronze / 15 Jul 2019

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We are available! / 05 Jul 2019


Oiva Toikka - Magis - Iittala, 2019


Lighting Sculptures.

Rechargeable table lighting device with diffused light.

Material: ABS base. Body in coloured Polycarbonate. LED technology, touch switch with dimmer function. Charging via micro USB-C cable and battery charger.


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NEW PUPPY!!! / 14 Jun 2019

Who let the dog out?!?



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Magis "Pila" new colour / 06 May 2019

“The intention was to design a chair pared down to the very minimum, using the least quantity of materials and hardware.
The plywood seat and back of Pila chair are supported on four very thin sticks of solid wood, held together by an almost-invisible structure in die-cast aluminium.
The chair back is delicately inserted into the frame like the blade of a knife, and offers absolute sturdiness”.
Now Pila is available in the new light blue colour.

Magis "XZ3 oval" / 03 May 2019

Magis “XZ3 Oval” - This is the best family table for the best price. Value for money, design for everyone.

MAGIS NEWS / 26 Apr 2019

This year, Magis presents a new chair in die-cast aluminium: Plato, by Jasper Morrison. As the designer tells us, ‘as a rule, special things are less useful than normal things’. This statement perfectly sums up his guiding principle for developing design projects, which is to create objects that are not “extra-ordinary”, but rather, “super-normal”. This is exactly what happened with Plato, a rigorous, minimalist chair that is also versatile and sturdy, and well-suited for both indoor and outdoor settings.


As Jasper Morrison declares, “a fully recyclable chair, with extruded aluminium legs and a die-cast aluminium shell: a technology that enables us to create shells that are both slimmer and stronger than their plastic counterparts. There will also be an optional seat cushion, as well as a version with armrests”.

NEW NEW NEW - Firmamento Milano / 15 Mar 2019

"A summation of firmaments, ideas, aspirations, values, architects, beauty ... of lamps."




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Nemo "Titia" / 08 Mar 2019

A delicate, sophisticated pendant lamp with a strong and pleasant luminous output. A miniaturized technology for a quick and easy installation.


Her name is "Titia"

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